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Rotary Club of Marana
Ten members met at The Cracker Barrel for today's meeting. This last minute change was necessitated by death of the mother of the young man who prepares our breakfast compounded by a child care commitment by owner/member Javier Terran. Mary suggested a sympathy card be sent.
Maeve complimented Denise for the quality of our speakers. Next week we will be hearing from TROT, Therapeutic Riding of Tucson.
Last Friday Don, Tony, Beckie and John witnessed the swearing in of 17 Interact members at Tortolita Middle School. This is the largets group by far in the eleven years the program has been in existence.  Honorary Rotarian Kathleen Neighbors has led the program from the beginning. Of the 17 members four are 7th graders. This should help in the continuity for next years members. It was suggested we may want to speak with Kathleen regarding donation of a Club banner or similar item to show our appreciation of their efforts. Also our members may wish to attend their meetings in the future.
It should be noted that their efforts include: assistance with RoadRunner School painting, a candy drive for AZ National Guard, cleaning pumpkins post Halloween that were donated by Bucklew Farms to the Food Bank, making and selling salsa to fund their projects, assisting with our  and another aide station during the Tour de Tucson, helping with AZ Air National Guard muster at DM Airport, collecting food for the food bank at Winter Haven Christmas Lights event and supporting Dan Heston's (father of one of the members)12 hour run marathon at Mt. View High School that raised thousands of dollars for the food bank. 
Finally, two members are part of the Tortolita Broadcasting team and are able to provide frequent videos of the Club's good work to the school during daily news casts beamed into all classrooms.
Tour de Cookie PR folks will move the outreach from Sunday at the Farmers Market to Saturday at Christina Taylor Green Park across from Pima Community College NW Campus on Shannon. Be there around 9 AM if you can assist Dan and Mary.
Much discussion regards the formalizing of list of past Club activities. Please send your thoughts/memories to Tony via email. There was a suggestion that the list be split by in country and out of country. John recommended asking Lynne to review our check register for those projects that required an expenditure of funds.
Randy received an unsolicited round of applause for his six years of assisting PETS training of new Rotarian Leaders. He says the PETS is stronger and more impressive than at any time he has experienced in the past. Randy is stepping down from PETS to take over the Rotary Educational Fund District Chairmanship.
Mary reports she recently witnessed it raining water. She also says the Cameroon Project approval process continues and final approval could be less than a month away.
POKER TOURNAMENT this Friday. Try to be there by 6 PM to assist even if not playing. Still time to sign up players. Mary and Dan providing snacks. John will bring large cooler of  bottled water and two 57 oz. cans of Planter's Dry Roasted Peanuts.
March first there will be a honoring of former Club member and retiring Director of Marana Chamber of Commerce, Ed Stolmaker. More on this later.
See you Friday night. GOOD LUCK!
Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter requested Richie to lead us in the pledge and a find job he did. Lynne requested "Hey Jude", a Beatles tune from fifty-one years ago, be sung. Tony helped us with his guitar and I must say we sounded good. Good compared to our attempt at "Yellow Submarine" a few months ago, not good compared to John Lennon. All things are relative.
Odds and Ends
Our Top Golf event from last Tuesday got a few good reviews from those who were able to attend. It was announced that Bob Bishop's twin grand kids have arrived and doing well. Randy asked for a few members to remain after the meeting to interview Alexis Elarosa for possible Rotary Vocational Fund scholarship to Respiratory Therapist School.
Board meeting at John's office tomorrow 2/6/2019 at 5:30 pm. 
Tour de Cookie rider prospecting done on Sundays at Farmers Market 9 am to noon. Help is appreciated and easy to do. Located near Rillito Park on First Street just south of River Rd. Beckie has several booth sign ups, but still looking for the $500 Sponsor. Dan requests any signs, tee shirts etc from last year please bring to next week meeting. Please share on Facebook and your email contacts. March 9th.
Poker Tournament a week from Friday. Please share information with your email contacts, golf club members, fire department employees, congregation members and anyone else you can think of. 
Rachel spoke of the United Way's program to assist the working poor with the income tax refund process. There are nine sites in Pima County and one being at the Marana senior Citizens Center. Mary, Randy and Deb from our club are assisting and more needed.  Hours of operation are Thursdays 4-7 and Saturday's 12:30 to 3:30. The UW is also partnering with PCC for basic tax accounting course.
Tony says we are looking for an April project. Send him your ideas.
Happy Bucks
John-Thanks Tony for Top Golf outing
David-Trial is over
Don-Glad David was acquitted?????
Harold-Enjoyed Top Golf
Richie-Enjoyed Rotary Leadership Institute and recommends for new and old Rotarians
Beckie-Happy to be here and hopes SLC home sells quickly
Rachel-Heck if I know. I think I was asking for additional salsa at the time.
Randy-Happy to have seen Richie on TV for a lengthy informative session on Scouting. Randy also claims to have hit a golf ball straight and far at Top Golf last Tuesday. He did not say if it was straight and far "in the direction he intended."
Mary-Heck if I know. For some reason I miss Mary's comments on a regular basis. I apologize and short of writing me a note every time I do not know what else to do. Maybe you can sit with me and Dan from now on?
Joke Off
Lynne won easily as Maeve chose not to attend this morning.
John-As usual won and lost the raffle this time with the 5 of hearts.
Jeff Pridgett, Marana Police Department Sergeant and Public Information Officer (PIO), was our speaker this morning. Counting Jeff, Richie and Dan we had three Marana Tigers at our meeting. Jeff spent twelve years in the MUSD school system. He has held numerous positions from "beat" cop to school resource officer to motorcycle cop to in house Sergeant in charge to his current position as PIO. The new station is a place of pride having evolved from a triple wide mobile to the state of the art facility they now are housed in. The tax levy that raised the money for the new building is gone as promised.  The headquarters is located across from Ora Mae Harn Park on Lon Adams Rd. A tour of the facility will be arranged.
The MPD respond to all traffic incidents unlike TPD and writes a report for each. The MPD detectives are broad in scope and investigate all from purse snatchings to murder. The MPD responds to all calls and in a timely fashion, again unlike TPD.   
Rotary Club of Marana
Top Golf was the venue for January's 5th Tuesday social. Many may have stayed away, due to the fear of the cold. They had nothing to fear as the ceiling installed propane heaters not only kept the chill away they also  had us stripping off our jackets and sweaters and working on our tans.
John Zwick earns the "most people" award. Accompanying John was his wife, two daughters and a son-in-law. Tied for second was John and Cindy Dooling and Harold and Ellen Burtzloff. Trailing came Dan, Don, Randy and of course Tony.
When I say "nothing to fear" I was strictly referencing the cold. The "crowd" retreated a few steps whenever John, Randy, Don or Tony took a whack. Tony had a few shots that reminded this reporter as to why the netting to the right was so high. Let's just say Tony has the banana slice perfected. Tony was also the only "golfer" to whiff. John, me, hit a duck hook that made many respond in awe. The shots taken by Randy and Don were not memorable and that is a good thing. 
Of course there are always show offs. In this category Dan Contorno is firmly placed along with John Zwick's daughter, the one not named Joyce. Shame on me for not recalling her name at this time.
The food was much better than the golf and the beer was not bad either. Best of all was the company and I hope to see many more at our next event. Thank you Tony for planning it all.
See you tomorrow!
Rotary Club of Marana
Dr Mack again led us in the Pledge. Apparently he has to do this until we get it right!
President Hunter apologized for having neither a song nor his guitar then sought a thought for the day from our members. Beckie Penman had a good one I recall, but unfortunately that is all I recall. Peter suggested we be generous with the our weekly Food Bank donations as there may be an increase in need due to the Federal Government shutdown.
Flash: "Life is a journey not a destination." Thanks, Beckie.
No 7AM meeting next week. Members and their friends are encouraged to attend our 5th Tuesday social at Top Golf starting at 5:30 PM.
Dan will again send the 2/15/2019 Poker Tournament flyer to all members as apparently some did not receive his first email. Please talk this up among friends and family.
RLI this Saturday with Richie and Denise registered. Still time for more to register. Contact John or Randy for details.
Happy Bucks
John-Randy's birthday
Dan-  Randy's Birthday  
Harold-Weather here compared to rest of the country
Beckie-Daughter engaged, home for sale in SLC, weather here compared to SLC with the cold and inversion problems
Mary-Preliminary grant approval for Cameroon!
Denise-Happy for today's speaker, Edna Rosas-Gutierrez.
David-Happy about something(good to see you David. Happy New Year)
Joke Off
 Maeve began with lawyer trying to take advantage of old person. (Maeve apologized to David then continued). Lawyer says "I 'll ask you a question and if you do not know answer you pay me $5. Then you ask me and if I do not know I will pay you $500." Old guy agrees. Lawyer, "How many miles between the earth and the moon?" Old guy forks over $5. Old guy, "What goes up the hill on three legs and down on four legs?" Lawyer scratches his head. He consults the Internet. Tweets his friends. Finally gives up and gives the old man $500. The lawyer then asks the old guy, "just what does go up the hill on three legs and down the hill on four?" Old guy gives the lawyer $5!
 Lynne countered with conversation between a "normal" person and a Psychiatrist. "Is there a simple test to determine if a person has mental illness?" "Yes, we tell the tested individual they have a bathtub full of water and a spoon and a bucket and ask how would thy empty the tub." "Ah, the normal person would use the bucket as it is larger/quicker than the spoon, right?"
"No, a normal person would pull the plug." "Would you prefer a padded room with a view or one closer to the cafeteria?" 
Harold won with ticket 121 and lost with the 7 of hearts.
 Edna C Rosas-Gutierrez is the owner of Better Choices Counseling, LLC. Her practice specializes in treatment of child sexual predators. Roughly 75% of child sexual abuse cases are by family and 97% by males. Most cases are opportunistic in nature. These individuals can and do respond to counseling.d  
Rotary Club of Marana
 Dr. Peter Mack led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. President Hunter did not seek thoughts of the day from members, obviously learning from past experiences in solicitation in this regard. He did do a shout out to Charlie Benner who is growing like a weed.
A request was made to members to remain afterwards if they had input for the Tour de Cookie scheduled for 3/9/2019. This is our MAJOR fund raiser that enables us to do the various good deeds we do in this country and overseas. Everyone needs to get involved. Those who can might volunteer to distribute flyers to bicycle shops and help out on Sunday mornings at the Farmers Market from 8:30 to noon the next six or seven weeks.
 Dan announced a Poker Tournament for Friday February 15th to be held at Vision Church off Silverbell south of Cortaro Rd. Dan has organized several of these for our Club's benefit. With a decent turnout we can net a thousand or more. Please share the flyer with friends and family when it becomes available in a few days.
Discussion of a Club social the 29th of this month as it is the 5th Tuesday of January. Several ideas tossed out by members, but Top Golf seemed to be a popular idea. Since they were a sponsor of Tour de Cookie last year they might offer us a "deal". Tony to check it out and report next week.
RLI "College of Rotary Knowledge" will be offered 1/26/2019. Location to be at The Viscount Suite Hotel on Broadway. The $65 cost of attendance, which includes continental breakfast and lunch is paid by the Club. Richie Benner has signed up and others are encouraged to do so. Registration information is on District 5500 Website or speak with Randy Brooks for additional information. 
Denise West reports her purse being stolen at COSTCO when a man approached her as she was entering her car. With this distraction her purse was taken from inside her car. There have been multiple reports of this happening at COSTCO.
Rachel Cheeseman reports she too had this happen at Target a couple of weeks ago.
Happy Bucks
John-Happy to have Dan Contorno in our club. He is the main cog in our Tour de Cookie and Poker Tournament fundraisers.
Don-Thanks, Dan
Randy-Thanks, Dan
John Z-Thanks, Dan
Harold-Thanks, Dan
Mary-Thanks, Dan
Peter-Thanks, Dan
Well, you get the idea.
Also, Denise happy her jewelry was not taken
Rachel-Her friend elected to Amphi School Board
There were others that I just missed.
Joke Off
 Maeve-Patient goes to the Doc with carrots in his nose and broccoli in his ears. Doc immediately sizes up the situation and says, "I see the problem, you are not eating correctly". (I actually laughed at this simple humor) 
 Lynne-Three football Cardinal fans bemoaning thier team's dismal 2018 record. "I blame management" says the first. "I blame the players." announces the second. "I blame my parents." proclaims the third. If I had been born in Boston I would be a Patriots fan. (Truth demands that I report, as in most of her jokes, Lynne enjoyed her humor today as much OR more so than did her audience.Must be nice to have a Boston connection)
Based on the visual imagery of the patient ( and hatred of the Yankees, er, Pats) I "give" this one to Maeve.
John won AGAIN and lost AGAIN with four of hearts.
Guest speakers today were Bonnie Dudelston, Cemetery Administrator for AZ Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Marana and Tom Shambo. Board Member of the AZ Veterans Memorial Cemetery Foundation-Marana.
Bonnie played a video from in an effort to provide an historical perspective up to the present of the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery program. Land donated by the Kai family enabled the cemetery to open 3/14/2016. Funding to the tune of 7.6 million was required to prepare the land as a cemetery. Money for the daily management comes from the AZ Department of Veterans Services and the local AZ Veteran's Memorial Cemetery Foundation.
There have been 1,486 veterans interred in the past three years and there are 1,800 pre-registered, including our speaker Tom Shambo. The facility is designed to accommodate up to six burials a day with each having a twenty minute ceremony.
For additional information see the website above or or
Corrections or comments are appreciated. My attempts to report humorously AND accurately  sometimes go astray.
 Your Scribe,
John Dooling, Club Secretary
Rotary Club of Marana
Arriving exactly at 7:00 AM both I and Maeve missed the pledge, guest introductions and any new year thoughts our membership may have offered up. As they say, "The early bird catches the worm." In this case our infamous cuckoo clock dictated the start of the meeting, not my cell phone.
 Randy took the lead on our Club's family adoption for Christmas. Several hundred dollars donated by our club was spent in order for the family to have a merrier Christmas than what otherwise would have been possible. The family consists of a mother and four daughters, two of whom attend MCAT. Thanks, Randy.
President Hunter announced a full court press in our member recruiting process with numerous members assisting.
Happy Bucks
Randy-a good buck and a bad buck (maybe two good bucks. He was sick for his own NY's party.
Ritchie-Rain is always welcome in our arid state.
Rachel-HNY and family time
Beckie-Better weather here than SLC
Don-Family time in Seattle and nicer weather too
Peter-Daughter married Saturday and a shout out to Randy for Family sponsorship at Christmas
Bob-Friends in town. Oh, and Linda here with him this morning as well as guest speaker.AND IDENTICAL TWIN GRANDKIDS born over the weekend
Joke Off
Lynne- I think it goes like this: Preacher and Cab driver arrive at the pearly gates at the same time and the cab driver gets a bigger halo. The preacher naturally challenges this and when questioned admitted that sometimes his sermons were boring and put people to sleep. St Peter explained that nobody ever slept in the aggressive taxi cab owners vehicle and many were driven to praying for their lives. 
How can I clean this up? This is beginning to be weekly problem with Maeve as she dives into ever sinking depths of lurid humor to get a laugh and beat out Lynne for the Joke of the Day crown.
Okay, here goes: If you are taking a dump at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve is it the SOS different year?
Maeve wins! Must admit she knows her audience.
John won and lost the raffle with a 6 of diamonds.
 Our guest speaker, invited to our club by Bob Bishop, was retired aerospace legend Burt Rutan. Burt was "twice" awarded the Collier Trophy presented to those who have made "the greatest achievement in aeronautics in America..........."
Throughout his career he has worked on 46 manned research airplanes.Born into a family of Seventh Day Adventists sports were not allowed. At a very young age he was amazed to witness a low flying fleet of B36's and became enamored with building model planes. His first business after graduating from Cal Poly was started in 1973. It was the manufacturing of home built airplane kits. One of his companies founded in 1986 now has 600 employees. He is justifyingly proud of the "real" jobs and the tax revenue they create as opposed to government jobs that are 100% tax supported and created.
Much of Mr Rutan's talk dealt with the significant demise of NASA and space exploration. The 1965 NASA budget was 5.3% of the total US budget. Today's budgeted dollars are less than one tenth of that 1965 number. He mentioned his disappointment after the meeting with the fact that China appears to want to take the lead in space exploration and the recent deployment of a rocket and lander/rover to the far side of the moon and the simultaneous launching of the communication satellite since there is no direct line of sight to the far side of the moon. To drive home this disturbing trend he noted no one born after 1935 has walked on the moon. 
Mr Rutan was proud of the fact that a piece of the carbon filter from one of his early creations is on the Horizon Spacecraft that has passed Pluto and recently returned photos of Ultima Thule, 4 billion miles from earth. His belief is if you are doing things that are doable you are in Product Development. If you are working on things that are questionably even possible you are doing Research.
His most recent project, funded to the tune of 23 million by recently deceased Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is the Stratolaunch. its purpose to heave a half-million-pound rocket ship to cruising altitude and then drop it, whereupon the rocket would ignite its engines for a fiery ascent into space. Allen’s hope was that this extraordinary bird would be able to do quick laps between the ground and the stratosphere, making access to space no more exotic than a New York–to–Boston commuter flight. Launch is expected to be the fall of 2019.
One could not help but be reminded of The Spruce Goose masterminded by Howard Hughes and its one solo flight. With Elon Musk's SpaceX reusable rockets driving the costs down and reliability up does the Stratolaunch face the same fate? Only time will tell.
Today was a special day for our club. Seldom do we have the opportunity for such a distinguished person in their field speak to us. A winner of the prestigious Wernher Von Braun Memorial Award, named for the famous German rocket scientist who came to the USA after WWII, Mr Rutan provided us with a meeting to remember. As stated above he is truly a legend in the field of aerospace.
Board meeting John's office at 5:30PM Wednesday 1/9/2019.
Rotary Club of Marana
Today's meeting was a field trip to Jackpot Veterinary Center located at 6745 N La Canada Dr. Our tour guide, Karla Lombana DVM, is an owner and the daughter of Club Member Beckie Penman. Thirteen of our members enjoyed the tour and all were impressed with the size of the state of the art facility that is still partially under construction and the state of the art medical equipment. Jackpot Clinic serves both large and small animals and judging from the glowing review given by Maeve and Lyle Johnson the service is par none. It was voted best clinic in Pima county this past year.
You can visit their website at
The Club will be dark the next two Tuesdays. See everyone on the 9th of January 2019!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Rotary Club of Marana
Due to our Club's powerful connections we were greeted by none other than Ms Santa Claus as members and guests entered Nana's this morning. She even led us in the Pledge. President Hunter then led us in the singing of Frosty The Snowman with lyrics provided by Lynne. Those in attendance who had a more of a deprived/Dicksonian childhood could be spotted as they frequently referred to the printed lyrics, being unfamiliar with this festive Christmas  carol.
Today's guests included a friend of Bob Bishop's, Steve Prust.
 MCAT Student of the Month Ashlynn Clevland, her mother Roxann, Grandmother Bruna, boyfriend, brother, Staff Rep Dani Anich and MCAT Principal Denise Coronado.
Our Club will sponsor a family again this Christmas in the amount of $400. The committee consists of Richie, Tony, Randy and Rachel.
Randy advises the Rotary Vocational Fund topped out its donations for the year. Thank you to everyone who contributed.
Happy Bucks
Bob Bishop did a fine job as Sgt At Arms.
Harold-Paid his IOU from last meeting and a few extra!
John-Student of the Month (SOM)
Mary- Grateful for Global Grant donations to Cameroon Project and they are where they need to be to continue with the project.
Denise, Steve, Beckie, Don Bob-All pleased for our SOM
Randy-Happy we had Ms Claus visit us.
Rachel-United Way
Richie-Charlie is 6 months old
Joke Off
Ms Claus stood in for Maeve Johnson who could not make today's meeting. Given Ms Claus' background and her omniscient knowledge of good and bad children, her "joke" concerned the very bad behavior of  one, Little Sammy, who decided the best way to get a new bike for Christmas was via kidnapping and extortion. Ms Claus did not say whether Little Sammy was successful or not.
Lynne took her front stage opportunity to regale us with humor at the expense of those labeled with Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Mental Disorders from Manuals 1,2,3,4 and 5. Randy, Mary and Don (and possibly others with a mental health background) are aware a reference to all five DSM publications was required as psychiatric disorders change with the times. What once was crazy ain't necessarily so in today's world. Any who, humor at the expense of those less fortunate is always welcomed at this club. As a hard of hearing person I should know. God help us if we ever get so PC that we cannot enjoy good natured ribbing. Excuse me while I get off my soapbox and let Lynne know I especially enjoyed the Manic and the Paranoid versions of Christmas.
The Club by acclimation  approved the following officers for fiscal 2018/2019:
President-Richie Benner
President Elect-John Dooling
President Nominee-TBD
Treasurer-Lynne Himmer
Secretary-John Dooling
Member at Large-Harold Burtzloff
Member at Large-Bob Bishop
Immediate Past President-Tony Hunter
Somewhere along this time during our meeting Tony ducked out leaving President Elect Richie Benner in charge. We did not miss a beat. Our President Elect has a command presence and will do quite well come July 1. 
Former member and current Principal of MCAT Denise Coronado introduced SOM Ashlynn. Ashlynn will graduate in a few days. Her educational efforts, and I use that term advisedly, began in Benson, AZ . Eventually she found herself at Tortolita Middle School then Mountain View. She attributes her poor scholastic record to basic laziness. However, she runs Ms Cornado's front office and has significant accomplishments in the culinary field having won thousands of dollars in competition statewide and even finishing in the top 40 twice in national competition. Her favorite creation is Key Lime Pie. She cites a friend she no longer has with the motivation to complete her high school education.
Ms Coronado, commenting on the closing of neighborhood Thornydale Grade School advised MCAT will be moving to that larger venue for school year 2019/2020. Also MCAT will be offering three courses in conjunction with JTED. JTED is funded by property taxes at the rate of .05 per $100 of assessed valuation.
Don won the raffle AGAIN but lost. It bears repeating that Don donated his winnings from two weeks ago to our Marana Rotary Foundation.
Last week's speaker was Brigadier General Andrew J MacDonald, Commander of the AZ Air National Guard.
Next Tuesday's meeting will be held at Jackpot Veterinary Center located at 6745 N La Canada Dr.
See you there!
Rotary Club of Marana
President Tony Hunter asked yours truly to lead in the Pledge. Again today thoughts were not requested from the attendees, however there was music in the air. Thanks to Lynne Tony played Jingle Bells in a key unknown to most of us therefore we can blame, er, credit Tony with the questionably melodious result. Generally speaking the words in the refrain were recognizable.
Tony advised all that next week is voting for officers and our Christmas Party. The following week we will meet at Jackpot Veterinary Center owned and operated by member Beckie Penman's daughter, Karla Lombana. Location is 6745 N La Canada Dr. The following two weeks are Christmas and New Years Day and we will be dark (no meeting).
Maeve let us know that honoring Bush "41 the stock market will be closed 12/5/2018. She believes this is the first time this has ever happened.
Roadrunner Hockey this Friday will benefit the needy so bring food and toys. Ten percent of the gate will go to The Rotary Foundation. This event is organized by Stacy Fox the current President of Oro Valley Rotary.
Happy Bucks
John-slayed a 14 point buck, the biggest in his 49 years of helping Illinois with their whitetail problem. Saved a car.
Beckie, Denise, Mary and most everyone happy to welcome two representatives of the AZ Air National Guard as our speakers today.
Randy-announced the new member recruiting award of a Paul Harris Fellow was given to Tony and Denise. Congratulations to you both.
Richie-Happy about Kettlecorn and his niece (there was a connection here, but I missed it) and for his attendance at the "muster" Air Force and Army Guard Units at Kino over the weekend. Our guests were happy to learn Richie was among the 4,000 attendees.
No raffle this morning due to no cards. We had numerous decks of cards donated to us a year ago, but they disappeared when a past president who shall go unnamed cleaned out our cabinet.
Joke Off
I know most of our usual readers will doubt my assessment of today's Joke Off, but I am tellin ya I think Maeve and Lynne could rival some of the entertainers from the Borscht Belt of old (look it up young'uns). Genuine and loud laughter followed both deliveries. In fact the laughter during Lynne's delivery was explosive. True, it was mostly her laughter, but I am sure the joke was hilarious from what I could hear between Lynne's uncontrolled bouts of spasmatic laughter as she delivered her lines. The joke is too long to repeat here, but I can say it involved a dog named "coffee break" and the impugning of government workers everywhere.
Not to be outdone, Maeve came up with what may be the best of her career. Seems as though there are reasons the flight  tower asks pilots where they are from when they ask "what time is it?" Now I could tell you the punch line(s), but then the readers who did not attend the meeting might think there is no downside to sleeping in. Let's just say it was very very funny and just a good thing there were no army guys in attendance.
 Next Bob Bishop introduced Army National Guard Commander Andrew Day MacDonald and his companion a Brigadier General in the Tucson Army National  Guard. The local guard trains pilots on the F-16 and the Reaper from numerous countries all over the world. Specifically they are now training pilots from  Iraq and Kazakhstan. Their are 8,200 guardsmen in AZ.
Seventy percent of these Citizen Airmen are full-time and thirty percent part-time. Recently they were able to assist with the California wildfires to assess and deliver information to the fire fighters on the ground of the fires path and growth. The Tucson base is close to 100 acres has, I believe, seventy F-16's. The economic impact on Tucson is judged to be 383 million and the 162 Wing of the Tucson ANG has a 98 million dollar annual payroll. Many thanks to Bob Bishop, who was able to arrange for these two men to speak to our club. They even offered that there may be a way to give us a flight simulator experience to maybe raffle or help in some way to raise funds for our charities.
Board meeting at Dooling's office tomorrow at 5:30 pm. All welcomed.
Club Executives & Directors
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Immediate Past President
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Marana Rotary Foundation
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