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Were you a good reader in first and second grade? Were you in the Redbird or the Bluebird group. Do you remember Dick, Jane and Spot or were David, Ann and Zip in your first grade reader? Did you go to college? Are you in a Book Club now? Do you like to curl up with a book or a Kindle and pass the hours reading fiction, history or my favorite historical fiction with an Ipad on my lap. 
It is a well proven fact that reading to preschool age children improves their vocabulary and their understanding of the reading process. Unfortunately, if a child is behind in their ability to read in the first few years of education there is a likelihood they will never catch up.  If they are adept at learning to read in those early years the chances of success in the classroom and in life grows exponentially as you begin to read to learn. With this in mind local, good hearted, community minded people called Rotarians got together, raised money and donated it for the following project.
The Rotary Club of Marana in conjunction with The Rotary Club of Dove Mountain and Rotary District 5500 raised almost $6,000 towards books for preschool children in the Marana area. Working through Scholastic Book Fairs, to make our dollars go further, we purchased roughly 1,700 books to be distributed free of charge to young mothers through MHC Healthcare's WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program. The Fair, held at Roadrunner Elementary in Avra Valley, was this past Tuesday May 22nd. By holding the event at Roadrunner School they too benefited by receiving Scholastic Bucks to be used in book purchases for their school.
Will this project make a difference? Will the learning light shine into even one child's eyes as a direct result of this project? Could we hope for two or three? More? Like planting a seedling this project hopefully will sprout and maybe a future book club member or, dare we hope a Rotarian, may someday trace their thirst for knowledge back to this simple project. I know I remember the books I had available in my childhood home when I was young and I bet you do too.
Rotarians making a difference and seeking members in the Marana area. 
Rotary Club of Marana
President Jo welcomed a full house and then requested David Hindman to lead us in the Pledge. Maeve responded to the request for a thought for the day with something about a backbone, wishbone and a funny-bone are all that are needed in life. Many in attendance were left scratching their head bone.
 All members and quests in attendance raised their voices in a musical tribute to John Zwick and Harold Burtzloff for their combined 103 years of Service Above Self.
Lynne Himmer led us in "For They's a Jolly Good Fellows". It was more loud than good, but I do believe both John and Harold appreciated the recognition.
In attendance to lend their voices to the special recognition of John and Harold's acomplishmenst were: DG Joe Hentges, DGE Kirk Reed and DGD Diane Venture-Goodyear.
Other guests included Kimberly Welch-Vocational Fund Scholarship applicant, Jen-French exchange student from two/three years ago.
 MCAT honoree John Cain, his mother Elaine, two brothers Tim and Victor and a sister. John chose MCAT Secretary Tiffany Montes as someone to accompany him to the award ceremoney as she has been there for him since he started MCAT. John is 22 and running out of time to complete his high school education. He has dropped from MCAT twice but is determined to complete his studies this time. He wants to be a welder and has learned first hand of the doors that are shut to him without a HS diploma. John has a great support system as evidenced by his entourage and his biggest supporter appears to be his mom. His recognition by The Rotary Club of Marana was an emotional occurrence. 
 Next we presented John and Harold with token gifts of a Rotary pen and key chain for their support of Rotary over the years. Each has been a member of only one other club. Both were rather stoic in their comments regarding their accomplishments, but John did indicate that the Marana Club has a special feeling and that he has enjoyed our club to a greater degree over the first club he joined 2/13/1963. A rather large cake with special decorations celebrating John and Harold's longevity was sliced distributed to everyone in attendance. Special thanks I believe go to Randy Brooks for spearheading this richly deserved recognition meeting.
 Today was a special day also in that Richie Benner was welcomed into Paul Harris Fellowship by District Governor Hentges. Richie has excelled as an active member in his short time with The Rotary Club of Marana and this step is but one more to what we believe will be a long career with Rotary. Congratulations, Richie.
NO MEETING NEXT WEEK. There will be a gathering at Roadrunner Elementary School for the Marana Rotary sponsored Scholastic Book Fair. The event runs from 7:30am to Noon. Location is 16651 W Calle Carmela.
MCAT Graduation to be held Tuesday May 22 at 7pm. Many Rotarians plan to meet at 5:30 at Nana's Kitchen to eat before heading over to 11745 W Gladden Farms Dr
NO MEETING 5/29/2018 as it is the 5th Tuesday of the month. Instead we will dine at Mr An's that evening.
Many happy bucks for John and Harold and for our guests. One of particular note was John Zwick's "stung by a scorpion" trip to the hospital happy buck.
Lynne shared a couple of teacher jokes that got a decent laugh and Maeve made amends for the dumb blonde detective wanna be  joke from a few weeks ago by insulting the intelligence of Irish men. Maeve may have wanted us to extrapolate this lack of intelligence to all men, you will have to ask her. In any case HALF the audience seemed to rather enjoy the humor.
Well that's it. Again, we will NOT be meeting for breakfast the next two Tuesdays. We will be DARK! See you for breakfast June 5th.     
Rotary Club of Marana
 Newly married President Elect, Tony Hunter, led the meeting today. President Jo turned the reigns over to Tony so he could gain some experience running the meeting before taking over officially 7/1/2018.
We did have a pledge, but no song, no prayer and literally not a single thought in the room. How can this be? You ask. All I can say is the reader will have to attend our next meeting and draw their own conclusions.
We did have a mighty fine joke however, from Lynne Himmer. "What did the 0 say to the 8? Your belt's too tight!" Now that's knee slapping humor if I ever heard it. I passed this joke on to an adult lady friend who did not get it. I am trying to recruit her as she would fit right in with our "no thoughts" crowd. But I digress.
Many guests including a former Exchange Student, Jen from Colmar,France and current Exchange Student from Nigeria, Mirabel. Two speakers addressed the club
 Beth Garrow of Zone 26 our Rotary Foundation Chair (our zone) and Pam Kerr former PDG in the Chicago area that encompasses Evanston, IL where RI is headquartered. Pam's husband, Andy was also in attendance primarily to make sure Pam did not leave something out of her talk.
Beth was very complimentary of our small club's record of giving. Unfortunately I missed much of the salient points in her talk due to impaired hearing.
Happy bucks galore, but again I regret to say I missed most of what was being said. I do know that Don, Jo, Richie Tony, Denise, Randy and many others are happy about something. That's good. Personally I did hear what I said so.....Had a great trip down the Rhine. Visited Jen's home village of Colmar in the Alsace region of France and became reacquainted with the WWII heroics of Audie Murphy. This genuine hero went on to additional fame as a movie/western cowboy actor in the 1950's. To me it seems very strange that the most decorated soldier in WWII and a man who made many movies, including To Hell And Back where he actually played himself  and was known to everyone in the USA is not recognized by many under the age of 60. Somebody once said "Sic transit gloria mundi." and you can look it up.
 Harold Burtzloff made a generous donation to our club's foundation in recognition of his 50 years in Rotary. Thank you Harold for all your service over the years. As many of you are aware Harold also is a recipient of the Wright Bros Master Pilot Award for being a licensed pilot for fifty years. It is an honor to be in the same club as you Mr. Burtzloff.
Lucky Mary won again(?) but did not draw the winning card.
 Pam Kerr made an excellent presentation regarding Rotary's work in Guatemala. Primarily she spoke of the goal of raising 2.5 million to purchase 29 x-ray units. Eleven have been funded and eight have been installed. Each unit can serve between 50,000 to 100,000 persons a year. This is a true Global Grant with Taiwan Rotary clubs sponsoring three of the units. The individual machine/operational cost is $73,000 to run for two years with individual clubs raising $23,000 with the balance from matching funds from District and RI. Cooperation among RI, the Guatemalan Minister of Health and other governmental entities has been wonderful. Pam provided two pages of documentation concerning this project.
By the way, Harold passed on a compliment to your's truly from Mindy Blake "Your writing is a perfect blend of humor, wit and facts." I thanked her for the comment and asked her to speak of my hidden talents to former members Jim DeGrood and Thomas Benavidez. Mindy, Jim and Thomas are all associated with PAG RTA. Mindy, if you are reading this we could offer a deal if all three of you wanted to become members.
Hope to do a better job next week if this head cold passes and I get back to my normal poor hearing.
             Rotary Club of Marana

3rd Annual Tour de Cookie
        On April 14th nearly 200 riders, ages seven to seventy, came out on a beautiful Saturday for the 3rd annual Rotary Club of Marana’s Tour de Cookie.   Smiles beamed on the faces of riders and cookie station hosts alike, as participants rode 28.6 miles from one cookie station to another along the paved Pima County Loop.
    Participants enjoyed community camaraderie and a wide variety of home-made cookies satisfying even the pickiest taste-buds.  Moreover, 100% of proceeds from the ride directly funded the Rotary Club of Marana’s many local and international service projects.  2016-2018 projects have included food distribution in Marana, home repair, water sanitation in Mexico, tree planting at the Arizona Veteran’s Cemetery and Memorial in Marana, development of a playground for special needs elementary children in MUSD, building a school in Zimbabwe, 0 to 5 early education book distribution in Marana, memory screening and Alzheimer education, amongst others. 
    Volunteer Cookie Station hosts were at the heart of the event.  Each were responsible for baking their own cookies, and word has it that competition was steep.  This year’s hosts were Chasse Building, Pathways Hospice, Tucson Roller-Derby, Top Golf, MHC Healthcare, Performance Bikes, Friese for House, The Optimist Club of Marana, Maeve Johnson-Edward Jones, John Dooling-All State Agent, Janice Meyer and Family, and the Tortolita Middle School Interact Club. 
    Next year’s Rotary Club of Marana’s Tour de Cookie promises to be bigger and better.  Stay tuned to experience what’s to come.
Randy started us off with the pledge. There was debate with whether or not we should sing a song, even though it is a song Month. We eventually settled on “ take me out to the ball game”
Guests: one of our Rotary Exchange students from a few years ago, Jen ( I think was her name) - from France. She is now in Montreal studying Political Science. She is starting her third and final year. In Montreal degrees are awarded after three years. 
    Linda, Bob’s wife joined us, although she doesn’t believe she is a guest anymore.
Thought of the Day: from 1983-2006 KVOA ran an ice break contest. The goal was to try to guess when it would hit 100. In 2017 it was May the 4th. When will it hit 100 in 2018?
Please don’t forget about some of our upcoming events:
5/4- sunrise rotary club fundraiser
5/9- picture rocks food bank
5/22- roadrunner book fair and MCAT graduation
5/29- we are dark- we have a social at Mr. An’s
Happy Bucks:
Tony- got married a few weeks ago. He was smart and got the date engraved into  his ring so he won’t forget. 
Bob- happy he gets to get out of Tucson and visit family.
Lots of people just happy in general, especially for our exchange student visit. 
Joke Off: 
Maeve: an engineer was unemployed and set up a shop. If your problems were not solved you got $1000, if so you owed $500. Needless to say, the engineer was up $1500 at the end of the day
Lynne- a joke about baseball and a priest hitting a rival fan with a door.
Randy won the raffle, but quickly lost with a 2.
 Tour De Cookie: The good, the not so good, how do we improve 
  1. Do we make the medallions ourselves?
  2. Keep the signs out at least a month out to promote the event
  3. Hand out info at the Tour de Tucson Aid Station 
  4. How do we advertise to the families that are in schools 
  5. Check Social media for tags from the events
  6. Have posters to advertise for events 
  7. Do we have a vote for the best cookies?
Packet pick-up
  1. Need to have shirt sizes weeks prior 
  2. Need a way to check if waiver was signed 
  3. Make sure kids are denoted on roster 
Start point/ route
  1. Do we move to crossroads park?
  2. We need people to ride the route a month prior to see where signs need to be placed 
End of ride:
  1. Do we need to do anything at the end for riders?
  2. Do we do grab bag? Raffle? Vote? DJ ?
If you have any other suggestions email Dan
Those in Attendance were:
John zwick 
Richie Benner | Field Director
2017 National Jamboree Contingent Staff Adviser
Activities Staff Adviser
Membership Staff Adviser
“Striving to Build Tomorrows Leaders, Today”
Catalina Council
2250 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, Az 85719
Direct Line- 520-585-5532
                     Marana Rotary Meeting
Richie lead us in the pledge and it was announced there would be no song today. Everyone was devastated 
Thought of the day: Jim Henson- life is like a movie, write your own movie, keep believing and keep pretending (imagination and creativity)
Announcements: Dan feels better about the Tour de Cookie two weeks post event. We are sticking with 175-ish riders
Breaking News: the month of May starts next week! May is busy with the district assembly in Green Valley, food bank distribution, book fair at roadrunner, MCAT graduation and our 5th Tuesday social at Mr. An’s 
The MCAT graduation is at 7pm at Gladden Farms Elementary per the CFO of MUSD. Plans are in place to possible have dinner prior
Rotary Vocational Fund update: we had a young lady interview for a dental hygienist school. They awarded her $3000 for her education. 
Happy bucks:
Richie learned the Boy Scouts are working on growing new coral for the reefs in the Florida Keys 
Randy-won the basketball pool
Don- spent two weeks in France (admittedly missing the tour de cookie)
Mary- met a man who will be making Mirabel a dress for her 18th Birthday
Jo- spent a few days with her son in New York
Joke off..... something about a surgeon and god and attorney and chaos.... debating which profession was created first….or Some of was about a catholic priest and a jackass(donkey).... needless to say, Lynn was voted as the winner 
A lot of people are just happy in general for no apparent reason 
Raffle was won by Randy, Bob was saddened by his loss but happy Randy pulled a 5 of Diamonds.
 Susan Friese was our guest speaker from Literacy Connects. Literacy Connects is a Tucson nonprofit connecting people of all ages to a world of opportunities through literacy and creative expression.
Literacy Connects was hatched from an idea from a town hall meeting. Volunteers came together to discuss issues plaguing the community. Literacy was at the core of it all. 
The literacy community came together and started the organization. The ones that came together were:
Literacy volunteers of Tucson
Reading seed
Stories that soar
Literacy for life coalition 
Reach out and read southern Arizona 
They helped over 45,000 learners in 2017. The ages now range between newborn to 86. They have over 1,000 volunteers who help their organization. All their classes are free to anyone who needs them. They do not take any state education funding because of two issues: they must include standardized testing and they must provide immigration status. 
Their approach to working with students is student focused, individualized learning based on trust and personal relationships. They focus on the student’s abilities versus what they are lacking. 
Their reading seed program goes into elementary schools and identify those who are reading below their grade level. From there they are assigned a reading coach. Their goal is to connect to the students and find out what they are interested in to get them reading something. 
Here is an excerpt from their website:
Envision a community where every child graduates from high school, crime and poverty rates are low, a skilled workforce is fostering a thriving economy, and the arts and culture environment is second to none. We do!
From birth throughout adulthood, Literacy Connects’ programs offer opportunities for learners of all ages to realize their potential — at school and in the workplace, as parents, as consumers and as participants in the life of our community. Last year, our staff and more than 1,500 dedicated volunteers helped more than 50,000 individuals in Southern Arizona. The programs of Literacy Connects coach children in reading so they catch up with their peers and help adults with reading, writing, math and English. The programs teach parents the importance of reading to their children, help young people experience the power of words and ideas through the arts, and put books in the hands of people who need them.
Rotary Club of Marana
President Jo started the meeting by asking Dan C to lead the pledge. He did such a fine job that Maeve suggested we sing "For He Is a Jolly Good Fellow" to Dan. Sounded pretty good too!
Lots of good advice this morning:
Lynne- To paraphrase "If you are on the road to perdition go fast so you can get in and out before the devil knows you're there."
Jo- Per Will Rogers "Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement!"
Picture Rocks Food Bank recipients ran a little low last time for reasons unknown. 
 Lots of good discussion regards the Tour de Cookie fund raiser last Saturday. (The real reason we sang to Dan). Randy received a Canadian check that is not as easy to pass as a Loonie. Numerous comments about the Janice Meyer cookie booth and her families baking history. John sold some cookies and commented on the Cookie Monster shirts of several riders. Talk of moving event to earlier in the year. Dan will call a meeting soon to discuss possible changes and what we have learned from this years event. Dan ballparked the net profit at almost $6,000. Thank you EVERYONE that assisted. Due to travel etc several members could not help the day of the event but I know you were with us in spirit.
John-Daughter and granddaughter attended the meeting and granddaughter spoke of her RYLA experience
John-Will be out of country next two weeks and thank you to everyone for volunteering RICHIE BENNER to take minutes the next two meetings.(Richie, it doesn't pay to miss meetings)
Dan-Sorry he is such a grouch
David-He and his kids enjoyed the ride. Oldest daughter thinks they could enjoy it more if they ditched the younger ones and hit more cookie booths!
Bob-Grateful for table companions
Maeve-Had one of the longest lead ins in the history of jokedom to get to the punch line that Randy was not blessed by the pope but was actually kicked out of St Peter's Square. 
Randy-Sorry he missed T de C but learned new ways to get into our knickers for the Rotary Foundation
Lynne-Pete and Repeat, etc.
Harold and John-Happy although Harold was going to donate two dollars then changed his mind.
Mary-Her little cousin, who she thinks of as an 8 year old, but actually closer to 50 is one of the worlds experts on the Rwandan genocide. Scott Strauss, a former free lance reporter in Kenya and now a professor at University of Wisconsin has written several books on the topics of genocide, war and the making and unmaking of nations. He was named a winner of the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order. Along with the prestige he received $100,000.
Randy WON then lost the raffle. Perennial winner Bob couldn't believe it.
 Tyler McMurrich expressed her appreciation in being selected to attend RYLA. She enjoyed the interaction of being with a large group of strangers as this is fairly new to her. Tyler, a junior at BASIS Oro Valley has had the same 50 classmates for several years. She kind of enjoyed the "no tech" environment where cell phones were abandoned for personal interaction. She found it a challenge to get people to decide/agree in what direction to go for some of the activities. Being the oldest child and fairly opinionated she is used to others following her orders! She is still in contact with a few of the other participants. She liked the rock climbing, but did not participate in the telephone pole/zip line event. She plans on a career as a Forensic Pathologist and has visited schools in New York and also considering Washington University in St Louis, President Holt's alma mater.
With no word to the contrary we believe Tony Hunter is now a married man. If we learn otherwise the crystal stemware shall be returned. 
See you all in May!
Rotary Club of Marana
After President Jo started the meeting with The Pledge the club gave one of its best efforts in singing Happy Birthday to Javier Teran. Denise then gave us a List to Live By from Benny Bear Wellness. Jo added a comment about an unnamed local office holder and political candidate  who recently spoke of growing up poor and now being in a position to help others. Guests included Mirabel, our exchange student and  Brianna Olivas, an applicant for a Rotary Vocational Fund Scholarship. Also a contingent from MUSD MCAT who shall be named later. 
Picture Rocks/Ortiz Clinic Food Bank work detail tomorrow for those who can assist from 9am to noon.
Tour de Cookie this Saturday with potential 200 riders? Dan will be setting up at 7:30 am and could use assistance . Meet him at the Rillito Race Track on first south of River. The Farmers Market location. Mary read a list of booth sponsors. Thank you to Dan and his committee for another excellent job of planning this event.
 Mary mentioned the Leadership seminar 5/5/2018 to be held at Quail Canyon Country Club in Green Valley. All are encouraged to attend this meeting. Cost is $15 and includes breakfast. Go to District 5500 to register. 
Javier started the Happy Bucks giving with a dollar for every year that he has been on the earth.
Dan, John and John all happy. 
David young son Tim was the last to lose his baby teeth in his entire class. David, being squeamish sort did not want to yank it out. Finally natural causes brought about its demise and made for one very happy young man. (Tim)
Randy borrowed a dollar and thanked former Marana High School Principal Jim Doty for assistance with our club's Exchange Student program over the years.
Tony mumbled something about being broke and a pleasant if dry bachelors party last weekend.
Richie commented he was a "good kid" in Principal Doty's era while Jim rolled his eyes. Richie also shared information that if we can grow four members by 6/30/2018 our club will receive a Paul Harris award.
Harold is happy that everyone talks so much, or not.
Finally heard Mary speak, but she said nothing of importance!
We learned Lynne knows a lot of tax accountant and alcohol jokes.
Maeve, last heard the Texas swimming pool/Toilet joke when I was ten.
You will never guess who won the raffle ticket draw AGAIN and proceeded to draw two cards neither of which was the one he wanted. Yep, Bob Bishop.
 Our MCAT student of the month is Xavier Balderrama. He was accompanied by Dani Anich his MCAT attendance coach, his mother and the aforementioned Jim Doty. Xavier has found the smaller classes at MCAT to his liking. He has a knack for anything automotive and plans to study automotive and diesel mechanics after graduation.
 I believe he said the school of interest is UTI where auto body is also taught. He comes from a family with a lot of girls and appeared to enjoy a chance to speak. (Humor intended.) With his automotive knowledge he has been useful to fellow students, recently taking a look at a car leaking gas which he diagnosed as safe (probably not going to explode just sitting there) but not driveable. I personally had a 1951 Kaiser/Fraizure that fell into that same category of leaking gas, safe but not driveable without flame retardant clothing. Wish I had known Xavier back in the 60's. Xavier's long term plans would include owning his own shop.
Following the meeting Randy, John, Jo, Mary and Richie met with Brianna Olivas and voted to award her with a Rotary Vocational Fund grant/scholarship for dental assistant training that starts his Monday.     
Rotary Club of Marana
The first meeting of April 2018 began with a "Welcome back Don" shout out to Mr Jorgensen. Bet you thought I was going to say it started with the Pledge.
Maeve asked for a song but alas, being a no song month she was denied. She "threatened" the club with a Johnson/Dooling duet next week. The fear was palpable in the room.
GREAT ATTENDANCE at 90%! Even Jason showed up. If we can get Clint, Mark and Jason at the same meeting I am donating an extra $20! Although Jorgensen and Mack both indicated they will be on the road again in the coming weeks it was good to see both. Javier was out on a father/daugher event, but Nana capably filled his shoes.
Thought for the day came from Mr Richard Benner. Basically it was "Don't worry. Be Happy". Space limitations on the internet prohibit the full recitation of the thought.  
Odds and Ends
The winner of one hundred dollar early bird Tour de Cookie sign upper is Roger somebody. Randy said he probably knows him and took the money.
Club members all participated in the culling of poorly made ceramic cookies from the hundreds dumped on each table. Made for our club by Quail Run School as part of the Tour de Cookie fund raiser, we learned that not all ceramists ages 7 to 11 are created equal. Truth be told a some at our table were damaged by the CFO who tested a few for possible school lunch inclusions. Anything to save a dime at MUSD, right Dan? Thanks Quail Run.
Board Meeting Thursday 5:30P start. John's office. All welcome.
Thanks to Randy, Deb, Bob and Jo for working The Loop and getting out the word about Tour de Cookie.
More Tour de Cookie-This Sunday 9A at the Farmers Market Rillito Park one last get the word out  before the big event 4/14/2018.
DID I MENTION TOUR DE COOKIE? OUR MAJOR FUND RAISER OF THE YEAR REQUIRES ALL HANDS ON DECK. To paraphrase  Uncle Sam "WE NEED YOU!" With Don and Peter out of town and Tony getting married all those remaining in town need to make a concerted effort to be available. Friends, family and kids welcome to help.Thank you, the management.
Party Time! May 29th is a 5th Tuesday and Mr An's will be where we gather for a fun filled evening. Maeve and Lynne are promising to have a rice flinging contest if Harold and John Z promise to be their open mouthed targets. This promises to be more hilarious than their "Battle of the Jokesters" skit we have come to loathe. (that is sarcasm)
Speaking of this lovable duo Maeve spoke of poop maps and Lynne of IRS audits. Knee slapping hilarity. Oh my. Tears are running down my cheeks as I relive the moment. Ahem, moving on.
Jo congratulated Maeve on her anniversary...........................six months early or late, we're not sure.
Happy Bucks
Dan-Pocketed a cool $202.25 at his garage sale and gave the club one half of one percent of the profit
Peter-Visiting his father soon and then off to Chile for months
Don-Here and gone
Randy-Sold a tee shirt for $3 and made the buyer feel like a  cheapskate. Seriously, Randy was happy about this, I kid you not.
Mary-Only Denise and Tony who were sitting at her table know the reason for her happiness
Bob-Wife returning to Tucson after short absence
Denise-Sorry, I missed it. My ears exploded while trying to amplify Mary's reason for happiness 
Thanks to all who donated.
Tony-Got five bucks out of him after last week's "zero". Headed to Flagstaff for a wild and crazy kind of time. Kind of like Vegas only NOT.
Bob "Lucky" Bishop pulled the 4 of hearts. The sadness displayed by his fellow Rotarians at his misfortune tugged at this writer's heartstrings. Sniff.
 Kimberly Ward, mother of two Eagle Scout's, friend of Richie Benner and Scholastic Book rep was our speaker. A few of the numerous points she made about reading are:
1. 85% of your brain growth is over at age 3
2. Reading to young'uns three times a week improves their ????????by 25%.
3. The wealthier the family the more words/vocabulary a child is exposed to
4. 61% of low income families have no books in the home
5. If you enter school two years behind your peers in learning you may never catch up
Kim read Malcome Mitchells "The Magic Hat" to us. My interpretation of the story is the magic hat is like a library. So many wondrous books on so many wondrous topics await you once you are inside. Open the cover and let your imagination loose.
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